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Just a few popular questions

How discreet is your filming ?

We try hard to work unobtrusively in the background of your wedding day. Our aim is to capture the day as naturally as possible, so this often means standing back from the action to gain real and spontaneous footage.

Can I have my own choice of music ? 

Yes you can choose your own music, it's your video and it makes it more personal to you. Please allow us 3 weeks after you provide us your music.

Video DVD / BLU-RAY Length ?

Genrally it goes upto 2 - 3 hours if its a full day wedding. Many factors of the event afffects the total duration of final DVD such as Long Speeches, Plenty of Dance and/or other fun activities in the wedding.

Do you provide the original source footage/video ? 

We have no problem letting you have the source footage as we don't apply any form of Copyright restrictions. A small production fee would be charged.

How far in advance should I book ? 

If possible try to book our services at least a year in advance. In case you have a last minute booking please confirm with us if your event date is available

Do you use lights ? 

Yes, We use additional soft lighting whenever it is required. The professional cameras we use can easily handle most filming situations. Definitely we use light during your first dance, Cake Cutting, Speech and/or even in the Church depending on the venue room ambient lighting.

How soon after the wedding will I receive the DVD ? 

We can normally deliver your completed DVD's within 4-6 weeks of your Wedding day. Sometimes during the summer months it can take up to 6 weeks, but our aim for most weddings is 4-6 weeks.

Can I be involved in the editing process ? 

The editing process takes many hours therefore it's simply not practical, the final edit must be entrusted to us. To make the package within budget we spend more than 12 hours to edit a full wedding video so we do not reedit unless there is a major problem with the playing condition.

Do you use freelancers ? 

NO, we believe that generally, freelancers inexperienced in filming wedding events should not be employed. It's a creative process and you need to be able to anticipate how the footage will be edited at a later stage. Weddings are obviously filmed live, you can't ask for a take two for the camera. We only trust our own in-house creativity, technical knowledge and experience.

Can we see some of your recent work ?

Yes you can. Simply get in touch for consultation time.

What happens in the event of staff illness?

We're only human and this could happen, although it never has in the past nine years we've been in business. Because we are not a 'one man band' we have the capacity in-house to cover any eventuality should one of us become ill. We also have a network of locally based trusted professional wedding videographers who could step-in to assist if required.

Do you travel ?

Yes we do. We travel throughout Australia. Please confirm with us about the Travel Costs.

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